On Aprli 30, Frontline Georgia Club invites you to the screening of 2014 documentary “Casablanca Calling”.
In Morocco, the world’s first female Muslim leaders are setting out to change their country: empowering women through the teachings of Islam and challenging the attitudes which breed extremism. Casablanca Calling takes us into the heart of this quiet social revolution through the lives of the women at its forefront.
In a country where 60% of women have never been to school, a new generation have started work as Morchidat. Working within some of the country’s poorest communities and separating the true teachings of Islam from some of the prejudices emanating from a largely conservative culture, they work to support education for girls, and campaign against early marriages. They also encourage young people to build a more progressive Morocco, as opposed to pursuing the agenda that many young people in the country do, which is aspiring to a life in the West.
Through personal stories, family dramas and everyday lives, Casablanca Calling gives a unique perspective on women’s lives in contemporary Morocco. It tells the story of committed people, social change and a sacred mission.

The screening will be followed by a discussion, during which the film director – Rosa Rogers will join us via Skype.
Moderator of the discussion: Tamar Gurchiani

The screening / discussion is held with support of London Frontline Club’s International Partner’s Project.

The Film will be screened with English Subtitles.

April 30, 18:00
Entrance free