“Reflections” held a talk about the “Coda Story”. This new way of covering crises last year was recognized as one of the best ideas.
The guest of Frontline Georgia Club is one of the authors of the innovative concept of “Coda Story” and longtime BBC correspondent Natalia Antelava. Her reports from Africa, Iran, Iraq, Syria, India, Central Asia, also from Ukraine and Russia have repeatedly been in the spotlight. Natalia Antelava who was announced as persona non grata in Uzbekistan for covering the story of women’s forced sterilization, has returned to Georgia to work. Together with other important publications she has written for Guardian, Washington Post and New Yorker.
Experienced journalists’ response to the challenges brought by the time – Nino Japiashvili hosted the interview with Natalia Antelava.


“Reflections” is a part of the Frontline Georgia Club’s project “Open Platform” supported by the US Embassy’s Democracy Commission Small Grants Program.

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