JumpStart invites you to join us at Frontline Club on 19 September 2014 at 15:00 as we discuss StoryBuilder, a new way for everyone to build mixed-media stories easily and effectively.

How we tell stories, whether for advocacy or journalism, has always been influenced by the technology of the day. Never before have so many tools been at our disposal to combine diverse media to tell stories that are engaging, informative, and impactful. JumpStart is no stranger to using data, technology, design, and creativity to tell stories that inform, engage, and move to action. For the last two years, we have curated local Georgian data to inform and engage the public on a wide variety of important issues about health, society, politics, economics, and more.

Now we are excited to bring to you StoryBuilder, a new way to tell mixed-media stories like never before. StoryBuilder is an open-source tool that enables anyone to build stories of diverse media types easily. With an interface in Georgian, there are few reasons why you or your organization cannot tell stories that are visceral and engaging.